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My DSL Modem 'Sync' light is Flashing

Solution A flashing DSL Sync light is NOT an Internet provider promblem.

It is due to either :

1] An unfiltered Telephone device in the House
RESOLUTION: Ensure that ALL devices EXCEPT the DSL modem have DSL Line filters installed, including Alarm systems, Pay Per View systems, FAX Machines, Analog Modems and Telephones

2] Poor quality wiring
TROUBLESHOOTING : Connect the DSL modem at the point where the telephone cable enters the home. DISCONNECT ALL internal telephoney devices and check connectivity - is the ADSL Light now Stable ?

IF YES then the Problem is within the HOME and the homeowner must resolve.

IF NO then the Problem within the EXTERNAL TELEPHONE infrastructure -> to resolve this issue please contact goZoom.ca for next steps.

ADVANCED TROUBLESHOOTING : Login to your DSL Modem and check the Line Stats - pay attention to SNR and ATTENUATION. SNR *MUST NOT* be below 10.

RESOLUTION: ADSL Sync failure is NOT a provider problem. The onus is on the home owner to troubleshoot the issue to the outside of the home and to then contact goZoom.ca who will advise on next Steps. **NOTE** Failure to troubleshoot the problem to the point where the Telephone provider enters the building MAY result in additional "Repair" costs from the TELEPHONE Provider.
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