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How do I forward my goZoom email ?

Solution If you're having trouble with these steps they are illustrated here http://www.gozoom.ca/images/general/howtoredirectemail.jpg

To redirect your goZoom email to another email account do the Following

Login to your email account via webmail : http://webmail.1and1.com

Remember that your Webmail Username is your complete email address.

If Webmail will not load completely please see this knowledgebase article http://www.gozoom.ca/support/knowledgebase.php?article=14

In the top left hand portion of the Webmail screen is the "folders" list.
1] Click on the "Configuration" icon on the menu bar above the "Folders List".

2] Click "Filter" in the list that appears in place of the "folder List". The Filter menu is located in the Email portion of the list. You may need to expand the "+eMail" item by clicking the plus sign.

Now Back to the top of the browser window, in the "Rules" pane:
3] Click New

4] In the Rule Details pane in the lower portion of the browser window enter a descriptive name, e.g. Redirect.

5] Click the "Add Condition" button. Choose "All emails"

6] Click the "Add Action" button. Choose "Redirect to" . Enter the new destination address to the right.

Your email will now be forwarded to the email address you specified in Step 6 above.

7] Click Save

To suspened email forwarding just Click Configuration > Filters > "Disable this Rule" > Save.


howtoredirectemail.jpg howtoredirectemail.jpg

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